Round Table Registered Charity Number 1054120  - Southport Hesketh Round Table UKA Affiliation Number  2662979 - Course measurement Certificate 12/298 - Race Licence Number - 2018 -PENDING 
Brought to you by 
Southport Hesketh Round Table
With all proceeds donated to local charities 
Sorry We Are Now Full!        Why do we do it?
Hey Mad Dog ! The members of Southport Hesketh Round Table organise this event for the local community, we all give our time for nothing to do so. Most of the money goes into the event but we generally make around £3.50 per runner and we give it all to local charities, good causes, sports clubs, running clubs etc You can see where it has all gone to on our CHARITIES PAGE This year, if you would like to further support our work, you have the opportunity to give an extra £10 when you register, 100% of this money will be given to charities and good causes. You don’t have to, but a BIG THANK YOU from all of us if you do decide to donate a little extra. Click below to enter. WOOF WOOF Adrian General Mad Dogs Body