Round Table Registered Charity Number 1054120 – Southport Hesketh Round Table – UKA Affiliation Number 2662979 Course Measurement Certificate 12/298 – Race Licence Number – 2021-41164
The origins of the fabled Mad Dogs were born in the land before time, a land of mythical, enormous creatures who were the ancestors of all living things. From these prehistoric giants would emerge the hordes of immortal Mad Dogs that would go on to shape the future and give order to a chaotic world for all eternity. From this prehistoric time emerged one such Mad Dog, his name was Rex, and he was different to all the other Mad Dogs. Whilst all of Rex’s family and relatives were huge in stature and slow in movement, Rex was different, he was lean and fast, he could run at great speeds for long periods of time, he didn’t want to talk, he just wanted to run. Soon he earned the nickname of “Ran-he-saw-us-Rex.” It wasn’t long before every dog realised that Ran-He-Saw-Us-Rex was different and very special, that one day he would go on to lead the fabled Mad Dogs in their quest. He would be the one to lead the pack around the sacred route in Ye-Olde-South-Port. As the years passed by Ran-He-Saw-Us-Rex became faster and stronger, no other Mad Dog could compete, he was rapidly promoted through the tribe to become chief Mad Dog. In anticipation of his triumph at Ye-Olde-South-Port he was presented with two new pairs of special running shoes, one shoe for each paw. But as Ran-He-Saw-Us-Rex put the new shoes on, he could not stop barking, he ran and ran but his jaw kept barking constantly until he took the shoes off. He was worried and sought advice from one of the sacred Knights of the Round Table, “What’s wrong with me?” He asked, “Why can’t I stop barking when I have the shoes on?” The elderly Knight paused, looked at him and gave a knowing grin of wisdom. “Why there’s nothing wrong with you Ran-He-Saw-Us-Rex.” He leaned closer… “You are what we have always looked for, you are the chosen one.” He smiled… “Legend has foretold that one day we would find the sacred dog with the Jaw-Asics-Bark! And so, it was, that in the year of our Dog 2021, Ran-He-Saw-Us-Rex would emerge to the front of the ‘Virtual’ pack to give the tribal howl and lead the legendary hounds on their sacred path on the appointed weekend of Virtual Jurassic Bark. Amongst the swirling mists, howling winds and very uncertain times, Ran-He-Saw-Us-Rex will lead the pack and keep the spirit of Mad Dog alive… 10,000 paws, not a paw more, not a paw less! The tremendous power of the Mad Dogs will once again be demonstrated to the world, then, and only then, will all the dogs return safely to their lairs. If you are a MAD DOG and you would like to run with the virtual pack at Virtual Jurassic Bark, Friday 5th to Sunday 7th February 2021…
The Legend of Virtual Jurassic Bark