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MAD DOG 11 returns with…
Sunday 6th February 2022
***The Mad Dog 10K is back ! Sunday 6 th February 2022 Weather and Government restrictions permitting… The Mad Dog 10K will return on February 6th 2022 with Mad Dog 11 Our event is kindly sponsored by Entries for the main 10K are now closed, but entries for the Crazy Pups remain open (with limited availability) CHECK OUT THE AMAZING POST RACE OFFER FROM BLISS HOTELS ! IMPORTANT We know you are all excited, but please remember these are still strange times and, whilst we have done what we can, this will be a scaled down Mad Dog event compared to what people are used to. We have struggled with supply chain issues and dramatically increased costs, covid restrictions and requirements, and latterly staffing. So please understand that we really have done our best against all the odds!! The Southport Hesketh Round Table and everybody working in the kennel look forward to welcoming you back! ENTER CRAZY PUPS NOW
“Oh, my dear friends. How We’ve missed you!”
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