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Here you will find a list of the most frequently asked Mad Dog 10k questions...

When do you open and when do you close to entries?



Entries open subject to availability

Latest Online Changes 26/01/2024

Latest Transfers 26/01/2024 (via email to Race Director only)

Latest Defers 15/01/2024 (via online dashboard)

T-Shirts 11/12/2023 (via online entry platform)


•When do you open and when do you close to entries?

•What are the race start times?

•When will I get my running number?

•I entered the wrong email address with the payment merchant (Njuko) what do I do?

•I have a defer place from 2023 what do I do?

How and where do I collect my t-shirt & goody bag?

Can I run with my dog?

Can I run with a buggy or cart?

Can supporters and pets use the shuttle buses?

Can I change my entry details online?

I cannot now run can I substitute another runner for my place?

How do I defer?

Can I just give my number to another runner?

I have moved house since I entered what do I do?

I am travelling by car where do I park?

I am a wheelchair/ chariot racer or a visually impaired runner. How do I enter?

Can I walk the course?

I think I have requested the wrong tee-shirt size what do I do?

Where can I view the race licence/ course certificate/ Round Table charity registration?

Why is Mad Dog a little more expensive than other runs?

I have children running the Crazy Pups race. Will I have time to run the Mad Dog 10K too?

Is there a minimum age for the Crazy Pups race?

What is the minimum age to enter the Mad Dog 10K?

What surface is the race run on?

What charities will benefit this year?

I am arriving by train. Where is the closest station?

Can I see a map of the course?

How will I know my result?

Can I run with headphones/ listening to music / using an MP3 player?

Is there baggage store facilities?

What is a technical running shirt?

Can I enter on the day?

What time should I arrive at the start line?

Are there showers?



When do you open and when do you close race entries?

Keep an eye peeled on our social media for the opening date.  We close as soon as we are full.


What are the race start times?

RACE DATE: Sunday 4th February 2024

START TIMES: Crazy Pups Fun Run 10:00am Main Mad Dog 10K 10:40am


When will I receive my running number?

Running bibs will be available to collect on Saturday 3rd and the morning of the event Sunday 4th February. The sports hall will be open for collection on the Saturday from 10am-3pm and Raceday from 7am. You will be sent an email with a QR code prior to the Saturday, please have this open and ready to scan when you come to collect your bib.


We have stopped posting the race packs out to decrease our environmental impact. Plus, this will stop you Maddogs not receiving the pack in the post, losing it, or forgetting at home. (Hopefully!)


When will I receive my Crazy Pups running number?

Pups bibs can be collected from Stanley High School on the Saturday before race day (3rd) from 10am-3pm. Or on race day morning from 7am.


How and where do I collect my t-shirt & goodie bag?

You collect your t-shirt at the same time as collecting your bib. We can see your entry information, what size and if you selected a t-shirt or vest.


You will receive your goodie bag on the finish line.

Can I run with my dog?

Ironically, No! Sorry, but our insurance strictly prohibits it!


Can I run with a buggy/ pram/ wheelbarrow/ cart etc?

Yes, all these are possible so long as:

1) There are no sharp or dangerous parts

2) You need to start near the back to avoid congestion or impeeding other runners.


Are supporters and their dogs allowed on the shuttle buses that bring the runners to the start?

Yes they are, the buses are free too (don't forget to take your running number with you to the start).


Can I change my entry details online?

You can change your details (address, club etc.. NOT T-Shirt Sizes) ONLINE BEFORE 15th January 2024


I have entered online but my email address has been entered wrongly?

You can change your details on your entry by clicking on the link in your confirmation email. We will send an email reminder to all entrants to check their details before we prepare the race packs. The deadline for changes is 15th January 2024





You MUST contact the Maddog office at to make a transfer/substitution. We can then make the changes needed.

If you are happy for the new runner to run with your bib and receive the t-shirt/vest size that you originally selected there will be no fee for transfer. 

It is vital that you let us know who the replacement is in the case of any medical emergencies we have the correct details.

When we know who the replacement runner is we can then post the results under the correct name.


All online changes are to be made by 15th January 2024 latest. Fees may apply.

Changes after 15th January 2024

We seal the list to print the bibs in January therefore any changes after the 15th January will not be allowed.


Be aware that if you make the transfer after 11/12/2023 and you opted for the t-shirt/vest the new runner will have to receive the size you originally collected. We will only be able to change sizes subject to availability after the event. We will only be able to swap sizes if they have not been worn.


Can I just give my number to another runner?

No! it is dangerous and against the rules. We must be informed of all changes, see substitutions & defer process.If you give your number to another runner without permission you will be BANNED from all future Mad Dog races and so will the runner who takes the number from you.We operate a zero tolerance list of banned runners.



You need to tell us as soon as you know you cannot run. You can defer online until 8th January. After this date online changes are not permitted. You must inform us by email (NOT Facebook, or any other method). Once you have deferred online you will then receive a confirmation email for the new years event with details about the deferral.



The defer process for The Mad Dog 10K has changed. Please remember that a defer costs us 2x t-shirts and 2x goody bags. As we only make about £3 per runner we cannot accept that cost. If you DEFER your place from MD13 to MD14 you will pay a re-entry fee of £16 to claim your place at MD14. If there is no Mad Dog 14 for some reason, your place is lost, as we do not give refunds. 



Unfortunately, all entries are non-refundable and so we cannot provide refunds to runners, primarily because we have already committed the money to the purchase of race supplies. Your deferred number is not "transferable" to anybody else, this is against the rules of the race.



If you had deferred from MD12 to MD13 then you would have had a confirmation email once you deferred online. This is your place secured and you can make the changes to the entry by using the link to your dashboard which is in the email.




I have moved since I entered the race

This no longer affects anything as the bibs, t-shirts and race packs are collected at the event, so NOTHING will be posted out to you.


I am travelling by car, where can I park?

There are car parking facilities. You will be notified prior to the race by email of the location. Please share transport if you possibly can because it relieves the pressure on our parking facilities. Please read your emails prior to race day and you will be given clear instructions as to where to park.


IMPORTANT: Because of the number of runners, we are using an offsite park and ride system. CLICK HERE for directions.

Shuttle bus start time - 7:30am

Last shuttle from Stanley Hight School -1:00pm



(for any vehicles remaining on site after this time, drivers will have to contact Sefton Council to make arrangements for release of vehicle)


I am a wheelchair athlete/ visually impaired athlete, how can I enter?

Wheelchair athletes and visually impaired athletes enter in exactly the same way as everybody else. But, after you have entered, you need to then email the Race Director at to inform them of your status. This helps us to put the necessary arrangements in place.

If you are a visually impaired runner with a guide, you need to contact the Race Director with a copy of your CVI. We will then be able to enter your guide for free. Please note that the guide will get their running entry for free but will have to pay for a t-shirt if desired.

Disabled parking permits are issued to wheelchair athletes.


Is it just for runners or can I walk?

It is a running event, the vast majority of people run the whole course. In the last few years there have been some people walking to raise money for charity, but even they have run a bit! We suggest that it is OK for people to "run some, walk some" so long as you enjoy yourself, you decide what to do!


What if I think I have ordered the wrong t-shirt size?

You can change your t-shirt size online or by email before the deadline 11/12/2023.

After 11/12/2023 size changes are not possible.

To keep costs down and to reduce wastage we have ordered the size/s of shirt/vest that you requested, and it will NOT be possible to change at registration. 

The deadline for ordering your t-shirt / vest is midday on Monday 11th December. 


Where can I view the race licence, the race measurement certificate?

The race licence can be viewed on the RunBritain website.

This will also be posted in the sports hall at Stanley High School.

Why is the Mad Dog 10k a little bit more expensive than other 10k runs?

The Mad Dog isn't really more expensive than similar 10k runs, and it's also a little bit cheaper than quite a lot of others! What is different about the Mad Dog is that so much of the money goes into the quality of the race, if you read our reviews, you will see that the event puts almost all of the money back into providing a quality, feel good running event and goody bag for our runners.


My children want to run in the Crazy Pups race, can I still run in the Mad Dog 10k race?

The Crazy Pups race is about a 1-2km fun run, it starts at 10:00am. There should be ample time after the fun run for runners to see their children finish the Crazy Pups race and then make their way to the starting line of the Mad Dog 10k race. We would advise you to be changed and ready prior to the Crazy Pups race starting, but there should be sufficient time between the finish of the Crazy Pups race and the start of the Mad Dog 10k race. You can still enter the Pups race on the day £10.00 (£10.00 on the day cash only). Please make sure your child is safe to eat the contents of the goody bag (we cannot be responsible for food allergies). NO ENTRIES TO THE MAD DOG 10K ON THE DAY. Crazy Pups Maximum Field 170.


Is there a minuimum age for Crazy Pups race?

No. The race will be about 1.5 - 2km and if parents want to accompany their children that's fine. It's all up to parental descretion. (Sorry parents you don't get a medal or goody bag!). We don’t always give out goody bags for the children, but if we do, please make sure your child is safe to eat the contents of the goody bag (we cannot be responsible for food allergies).


Is there a minimum age to enter Mad Dog?

NOTE: The minimum age limit for the main Mad Dog 10K is 16 years old.  PUPS ….. Maximum age 15.


What surface is it run on?

The race is run on roads (mostly closed) and footpaths. It is NOT run on the beach.


What charities will benefit this year?

A donation will be made to the Round Table for every runner that enters the Mad Dog 10k, it is then up to the team there to decide which charities will benefit.  In addition to the Round Table any other clubs and charities that help on the day will receive a donation.


I am thinking of travelling by train, where is the nearest train station?

There are two train stations within approximately 45-55 minutes walk of the course. We would advise you to get to the train station in ample time to walk to the start line, or alternatively get a taxi from the train station.


Is there a Map of the course?

Click here


How will I know my result?

The Mad Dog 10K has chip timing, so your result will be electronically recorded as you cross the line. We must have your mobile number if you want to receive a text with your result shortly after the race finishes. We do not pass your mobile number to anybody else. The results will then also be online within 24 hours after the race finishes.


Can I run with an iPod/ MP3 player?

No, sorry. It is UKA Rules that you do not do so as there are parts of the course where cars are close to the runners.


Are there baggage store facilities?

Yes in the sports hall (free service). Your baggage label will come with your running number. Please arrive early to help ease the congestion within the sportshall..


What is a "technical" running shirt?

A "technical" shirt is a running shirt made of special material that disperses the sweat and doesn't soak it up. That way the shirt stays light and cool whilst you're running. The Mad Dog 10k shirts are top quality of a kind not often found at running events. You've been to many events, you've been given many cotton or cheap t-shirts, now come to Mad Dog and get a brilliant running shirt. We see them all the time at running events and on people running locally. They are quality shirts that you'll want to wear!


I haven't entered in advance, can I enter on the day?

No sorry, the Mad Dog 10k run does not accept any entries on the day. However, we do accept Crazy Pup Fun Run entries on the day (subject to the maximum number of entries). If you intend to enter the Crazy Pup run on the day, please be early. We suggest you arrive no later than 8.45 am.


What time should I arrive at the start line?

There are lots of facilities at the start line, including toilets, refreshments, limited changing facilities are available (first come, first served). Therefore, we suggest that Crazy Pup runners who are entering on the day should arrive at Stanley by 8.45 am. Crazy Pup runners who have entered in advance, should arrive no later than 9.00 am. Remember! the bus journey from the park and ride is in addition to these suggested arrival times.Mad Dog 10k runners should arrive no later than 9.00 am. This gives you lots of time to get changed, use the facilities and get to the start line. REMEMBER! These are the times to be on site, allow for the parking and short bus journey.


Are there showers?

Unfortunately not.

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How and where do I collect my t-shirt & goody bag?
What are the race start times?
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Can I run with my dog?
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